Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday Weigh In!

Hello lovies :) I haven't post in a few days as I've been pretty busy, Friday I was with family, Saturday I worked, Sunday I got up at 7, went car booting and then went to Westfields and today I got up early again and went to some bank holiday car boots I will have to get a post together for my other blog to show you what I brought! A.k.a its ALOT. 

This week was incredibly hard and I fell of the diet wagon Saturday night, Sunday night and this morning, but with all the walking i've done this week (probably about... 10+ hours) I've lost weight! So I am definitely keeping with what I have done so far. Time for the Weigh In!

Last Monday                                  This Monday 

Weight -                                 10stone 4                                       10stone  
Chest -                                   36 inches                                        36 inches

Waist -                                   29 inches                                        29 inches 

Hips -                                     29 inches                                        27.5 inches

Arms -                                    12 inches                                        11 inches

Legs -                                     22 inches                                         21 inches 

How great is that! I've lost 4 pound! I'm really rather proud of myself, I didn't loose anything off my chest or waist but the rest I lost an inch or more :)
I'm going to carry on doing my healthy eating posts tomorrow.

Do you lovies have any other tips for me?


  1. Awesome! Well done Jamie :) You go girl! Caroline from

  2. Welldone! That's really fast but obviously keeping busy and eating well is going great.

  3. Amazing, your arms, legs and hips are like my dream measurements! keep up the good work :) xo