Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Healthy eating day #3

Break Fast - 2 Scrambled Eggs
2 Seed rivita 
Calories - 304

Lunch - Tortilla Wrap
Chicken Breast 
1/2 bag of Sour Cream and Chive Propercorn
1 Mango Yoyo
Calories - 222

Dinner - Chicken and Brocli pie/calzone
Calories - 194

Snacks - 1 plum
2 Kallo Corn Cakes
1/2 baf of Sour Cream and Chive Propercorn
Calories - 106

Exercise - 40 minutes walking - Calories Burnt - 155

Ooooh today wasn't so good as I didn't get much walking done. I had a few things to do e.g get my hair cut but to get there I have to do a 5 minute walk, bus, 5 minute walk. I did get out walking the dog for around 30 minutes though which was nice. I'm not craving carbs as much today. Probably something to do with that cheeky but not so naughty pie at dinner, I am however hungry, very hungry. 

Do you have any tips on how not to be so hungry?!


  1. Yum, breakfast looks tasty. I have weetabix sitting in the cupboard that I never touch because I always opt for 10 extra minutes in bed instead... So breakfast is a cup of coffee! Terrible habit.

    I cannot manage a day without carbs lol, but what about bulking up your evening meal with beans or pulses?

    1. It was so yummy! Ahh, I would eat more healthy cereal but I have a little aversion to milk! Scrambled eggs only takes me 3 minutes to make and its always so yum.

      I really do stuggle with out them I need one meal to contain them at the moment, I think tomorrow I'll have pasta with lots of broccoli tomorrow like on day one :) and I didn't think of beans and pulses to be honest but I'll remember them when I'm next food shopping, Thank you for your help.

      We'll have to ignore the 95 calorie biscuit I'm eating right now, I'm such a sweet tooth who needs sugar to do anything. I was walking around like a zombie lol!

    2. Haha well as long as it's only one! My mum was once complaining about the fact that she was eating sensible meals but seemed to keep putting weight on. Then I interrogated her about how many biscuits she was eating in work - mystery solved! Lol.

      It's also worth bearing in mind that brown carbs (technical term there) will keep you fuller for longer (although frankly white's tastier...), as will eating carbs and protein together.