Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Healthy Eating #5

Breakfast - 1 scrambled egg
1 Rivita
Calories - 123

Lunch - Asian Noodles 
Spring onion 
Calories - 123

Dinner - Chicken
Calories - 126

Calories - 94

Excersize - 190 minutes walking - 504 Calories Burnt. 

Wow I've not eaten much today but i'm feeling pretty good. I only had a small breakfast as I had to go and walk the dog I walk and was running late! I also can't believe how many calories my lunch was? there was absolutely tons in fact I struggled to finish it. The only thing I'm stuggling with at the moment is the lack of sugar, I'm feeling very sleepy without it as before going on this diet I was on a really HIGH sugar diet lots of sweets, sugar and chocolate. I'm also thinking about putting some of my recipes up? 

What can I eat that will give me a pick me up like sugar does but not unhealthy?

Monday, 6 May 2013

Monday Weigh In!

Hello lovies :) I haven't post in a few days as I've been pretty busy, Friday I was with family, Saturday I worked, Sunday I got up at 7, went car booting and then went to Westfields and today I got up early again and went to some bank holiday car boots I will have to get a post together for my other blog to show you what I brought! A.k.a its ALOT. 

This week was incredibly hard and I fell of the diet wagon Saturday night, Sunday night and this morning, but with all the walking i've done this week (probably about... 10+ hours) I've lost weight! So I am definitely keeping with what I have done so far. Time for the Weigh In!

Last Monday                                  This Monday 

Weight -                                 10stone 4                                       10stone  
Chest -                                   36 inches                                        36 inches

Waist -                                   29 inches                                        29 inches 

Hips -                                     29 inches                                        27.5 inches

Arms -                                    12 inches                                        11 inches

Legs -                                     22 inches                                         21 inches 

How great is that! I've lost 4 pound! I'm really rather proud of myself, I didn't loose anything off my chest or waist but the rest I lost an inch or more :)
I'm going to carry on doing my healthy eating posts tomorrow.

Do you lovies have any other tips for me?

Friday, 3 May 2013

My Favourite Diet Snacks So Far!

Oh these are beyond yummy! The whole 20g pack contains only 89 Calories, they are high in fiber, Wholegrain and Suitable for vegetarians, I'm not going to lie these are very veryyy moreish, but one packet of these last me 2-3 sittings which is really great if you usually eat crisps at lunch and would prefer an alternative crunch. 

Oh my goodness, do you remember those sweet sickly fruit winders we used to eat as kids? Well, Imagine them but incredibly healthy and so tasty. They contain nothing but fruit and come in a large range of flavours, so far I'm loving mango and raspberry! This little babies are only 27 calories, yep you heard me right, 27! not forgetting one of these rolls are 1 of your 5 a day too! They are so perfect if you have a sweet tooth like me! 

Mmmm I picked up two bags of these as I really am missing heavy carbs they taste just like normal crisps with all the great flavour but they aren't baked or fried. 19 chips = 94 calories! wowzers, another great things as a snack on its own or a healthy replacment for the naughtier crisps out there :)

I hope you liked this post, I will do more like this once I delve a little deeper into the world of diets and diet food! 

Will you be trying any?

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Healthy Eating Day #4

Breakfast - Yogurt
calories - 151

Lunch (I didn't picture) - 2 Scrambled eggs
2 Ryvita seasame

Dinner - Jacket potato 
Calories - 109

Snacks - Sour Cream and Chive Propercorn
Bear Apple yoyos
Orange segments 
Calories - 133

Excersise - Walking - 30 Minutes 
Burnt calories - 116

For some reason the photos like to move themselves about and then refuse to go in order! Very anoying, I felt like I haven't eaten much today but I'm not at all hungry I had a friend I haven't seen  in a few months come over for the afternoon which was fabulous. I also went on a short walk. If anyone knows how I can improve my diet so I'm eating more calories but no sugar or carbs let me know :)


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Healthy eating day #3

Break Fast - 2 Scrambled Eggs
2 Seed rivita 
Calories - 304

Lunch - Tortilla Wrap
Chicken Breast 
1/2 bag of Sour Cream and Chive Propercorn
1 Mango Yoyo
Calories - 222

Dinner - Chicken and Brocli pie/calzone
Calories - 194

Snacks - 1 plum
2 Kallo Corn Cakes
1/2 baf of Sour Cream and Chive Propercorn
Calories - 106

Exercise - 40 minutes walking - Calories Burnt - 155

Ooooh today wasn't so good as I didn't get much walking done. I had a few things to do e.g get my hair cut but to get there I have to do a 5 minute walk, bus, 5 minute walk. I did get out walking the dog for around 30 minutes though which was nice. I'm not craving carbs as much today. Probably something to do with that cheeky but not so naughty pie at dinner, I am however hungry, very hungry. 

Do you have any tips on how not to be so hungry?!

Motivational Wednesday!

Little motivational wednesday post!
Hope your all fabulous!


Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Healthy Eating Day #2

Hey Lovelies lets get on with the facts then I'll tell you how I've been feeling.

Breakfast - Apple
Fat free plain yoghurt
Calories -  128

Lunch - Tortilla wrap (that didn't want to wrap)
2 slices of chicken
Calories - 201

Snack - 4 Corn cake crackers
1 yoyo mango
Calories - 127

Dinner - Salmon
Calories - 214

Exercise - Walking for 1.5 hours 
Calories burnt - 349

Wowzers. I'm hungry today I feel like I've eaten a ton of food but nothing is filling the carb craving gap in my belly! I picked up the yoyo fruit rolls in waitrose today as they are only 50p and you get two, they're actually very nice and great if you have a real sweet tooth like me they contain nothing at all but fruit and one of these babies are 1 of your 5 a day! Delightful! Yum. Also, I'm so sorry the middle two photos won't center blogger knows how to grind my perfectionist gene.

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Anyone know how to curb the carb craving?!